Not a case of rob the rich

Sits down and resumes sipping whisky with Viper. Viper is still buried under his rags. Are you gay? I was wondering why you're in so much of a hurry. Time has no boundaries man. He pats Eugene on the shoulder, relax my friend. In the real world time has boundaries. In the real world people have jobs. I have a job. I might not have it tomorrow when I explain all this shit. But right now I have a job and that job requires best sex best sex toys for women toys for women that I, you or we, get that corpse to that ambulance, Eugene stresses. Waxer folds his arms. Are you insinuating best sex toys for women that we're not real people because we don't have jobs? I'm not insinuating anything, Eugene exclaims. Yeah you are, Waxer provokes. No I'm not. I just want you to help me get that piece of shit to the ambulance, Eugene expresses. He's fading. His brain is doing cartwheels. Nights like this never happen. So you want to exploit us? Waxer continues. He's drilling for a cerebral meltdown in Eugene's head. No! Eugene shouts. Why are the demons playing Ping-Pong in his yahoo skull? Homeless people are dumb. That's what you think isn't it? Homeless people are losers. Am I right? Waxer prosecutes. No. Eugene is too tired. How do you know that I don't know more than you? Waxer points out. I don't. OK. I don't know that. You could be a genius, Einstein reborn for all I care. I'm just asking you, please, to help me carry this couch potato mother-fucker up to those flashing red lights. Eugene points to the ambulance venomously. Waxer turns to Lou and Viper. You coming? You going to give us a hand Viper? He turns to Eugene. I still want them shoes. They're all yours. Shit if I didn't have to fill the paper work in on it I'd leave you the whole corpse. You could have a barbecue or float across the bay on it, Eugene says vindictively. Dude that's best sex toys for women vivid, Waxer ponders. Lou gets to his feet. You coming Viper? Viper throws off the rags. He's a dwarf. The movement that might have been his feet had he been a big bastard was in fact another dwarf. They both spring to their feet. Eugene stares at them. Viper looks at him. What? Eugene points at one dwarf and then the other. He appears as if he's about to say something. He frowns and shakes his head. Never-mind. What kind of mushrooms do they put in the Harvest Burger? The two dwarfs go to the front of the stretcher and take a handle each. Waxer and Lou grab the back. They all ready themselves to lift. As they heave, Jerry catapults to a women seated position. Waxer and Lou drop the stretcher. The best sex toys for women dwarfs are yanked backwards and lose their balance. Eugene stumbles into some bins. As the stretcher hits the deck Jerry falls back to being horizontal and rolls off. They all turn to question Eugene. That happens sometimes. Occasionally. Practically never, but it does sometimes. I assure you that he is dead. Most definitely dead, Eugene rushes to explain. He's as startled as anyone. I don't think I want the shoes any more, Waxer decides. A faint whistling, whirring sound casts their attention elsewhere, toward the sky above. Something is approaching fast, very fast. Necks craned upward, they all take a step back instinctively. Milliseconds later there's an almighty women crash, bang, splat. Eugene, Waxer, Lou and the dwarfs remain as they were only now they're plastered in blood and fragments of Jerry's flesh, blubber and bone. Eugene stares